Tottenham players’ interview giving skills has especially impressed this Arsenal legend

Spurs’ rise to just another club vying for a top 4 spot to a side that still have a chance of winning the Premier League has been phenomenal. Few years ago nobody would have expected them to be in the position to challenge for the title, yet they are the only side who can stop a Chelsea title win.

Credit must go to how Mauricio Pochettino has made them gel as a unit on the field. The players all know their roles and execute it well, forming a cohesive side that are extremely hard to break down.

There’s also the fact that off the field, the players come across very nicely when speaking to the media.

This was a point raised by current BBC pundit Martin Keown on Match of the Day, which means a lot given Keown’s legendary status with Spurs’ North London rivals Arsenal.

He also went on to give a lot more praise to the club in general, stating how important it is that they hold on to their players and manager.

See the video posted by BBC where Keown mentions hows he’s impressed by Spurs players interview giving abilities:

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