(Video) Ross Barkley got brutally punched in the face during a night out in Liverpool after Everton’s 4-2 win v Leicester

Ross Barkley was probably elated after a high-octane 4-2 victory for Everton over Champions Leicester City which saw Everton a frenetic first-half with 5 goals.

The England international would have ideally liked to celebrate his side’s performance and relax a bit after a tough game, but that wasn’t to be.

In a shocking video clip, the Everton man is seen being assaulted by an unidentified man as he enjoyed a night out at a pub.

The assailant was quickly suppressed by a by-stander as it seemed he was in no mood to back down. Barkley himself was seen to have been knocked down to the floor by the impact of the blow.

It came out of nowhere, as Barkley was seen talking normally with the assailant before the Everton man got knocked out.

The incident apparently took place at the Santa Chupitos bar at the corner of Parr Street and Slater Street.

Watch the clip going viral online below!

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