BBC pundit: Hope Klopp remembers this moment when Coutinho is having a bad time

Ever since his move to Liverpool four years ago, Phillipe Coutinho has well and truly established himself as one of the best players in the world.

The Brazilian once seen as just another case of unfulfilled potential during his time at Milan scored his 30th premier league goal against Stoke City to become the top scoring Brazilian in Premier League history.

Apart from his obvious talent, the 25 year old also has the right attitude coupled with an unbridled passion towards the game. It was more so evident against Stoke City as the Brazilian showed his admirable character ahead of the game against Stoke.

Coutinho was sick up until the morning of the match but he shrugged off his illness to turn up for the game eventually scoring the winner as a substitute in the second half.

BBC pundit Garth Crooks believes that such sheer determination and will to contribute to the team should be remembered and rewarded with loyalty by Jurgen Klopp when Coutinho have a bad time in the future.

This is what Crooks wrote in his weekly column:

The Brazilian had already warned Lee Grant he was on the prowl, having forced the Stoke keeper to produce a fantastic save just after he arrived on the pitch.

It was at that moment you knew whatever symptoms Coutinho had before the game had well and truly passed. However, it was his one-touch finish on the edge of the box that I thought was so impressive.

Coutinho hung around waiting for something to happen – anything that might give him an opportunity to pounce. When it came he was equal to it.

All credit to Coutinho for getting to Stoke. The easy option would have been not to play and no-one would have blamed him. Instead he put himself on the line for his team-mates and his manager.

I hope Jurgen Klopp remembers that in the future when Coutinho is having a bad time.

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