Gini Wijnaldum wore a mask in Liverpool city centre and tried to nutmeg as many people as possible in 10 minutes

Playing the People

Georginio Wijnaldum facing his toughest challenge yet – attempting 30 nutmegs on people on the streets in 10 minutes while wearing an old man mask.

Now to explain that bizarre sentence – Wijnaldum was invited by world-renowned freestyle footballer Soufiane Touzani to complete his ‘Panna Incognito’ challenge, with the condition being that he could keep the mask if the task was completed.

What followed was 5 minutes of insane footage as innocent citizens were harassed by a man in a mask and tracksuit trying to pass the ball through their legs. One senior citizen even managed to keep Wijnaldum at bay for quite a while – Jurgen Klopp will be scouting him surely.

Eventually, the Dutchman could manage only 25 successful attempts but he was given extra style points by Touzani for pulling off the best nutmeg he had seen on ‘Panna Incognito’ – that’s definitely something worth bragging about. The session ended with Wijnaldum unmasking and posing for photos with passers-by as well as delivering a classy speech at the end to mark the final episode of Touzani’s broadcast – the Liverpool man proving he’s a real all-rounder.

Check out Wijnaldum hitting the streets below:

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