Near… Far… it kept under the bar…

A real portrait of beauty and grace featuring Marcos Alonso. No, not his fantastic free-kick against Bournemouth in Chelsea’s 3-1 victory – we’re referring to this incredible picture, poetry in motion, of two mates seemingly transcending the game itself.

Alonso’s dead-ball masterpiece merited a special celebration, and this amazing still of Cesar Azpilicueta gracefully soaring into the air as the former too seems poised for take-off has gone viral and brought up comparisons with the movie Titanic for obvious reasons. The black and white filter also helps in giving this moment a timeless feel.

What makes the ex-Fiorentina full-back’s effort even more special was his disclosure of how his team-mates had teased him before he took it as Alonso had continually hit the woodwork in training. Well he hit the target perfectly, and looking at this picture you feel his compatriot Azpilicueta was probably one of those team mates who believed that he would.

One is tempted to think that the two Spaniards would have probably soared straight on forever, promising to “Never let go”, if they hadn’t had a game to wrap up at the Vitality Stadium.

Check out the post of Jack and Rose Alonso and Azpilicueta celebrating, below:

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