Liverpool fans joke about how Roberto Firmino was paying a tribute to the Bundesliga logo with his goal v Stoke

It was the 72nd minute of the game. Liverpool had been infused with fresh vigour following Coutinho’s equalizer which came after 26 long minutes of trailing under the pressure of a jam-packed Britannia Stadium jeering at every touch by the Reds.

The visitors desperately needed a breakthrough as Georginio Wijnaldum miraculously found the ball in the midfield. Teeth-clenching Liverpool fans watched from the edge of their seats with sheer tension gripping them, as Roberto Firmino broke the off-side trap, found Wijnaldum’s overhead pass 20 yards away from the goal, swung his powerful right-foot to shoot and… GOAL!!!

It was a spectacular moment when the Brazilian sealed the game for his side and the 3,000-strong army in red went berserk as he took his shirt off to celebrate the goal.

It’s impossible for Liverpool fans to not relive that goal without appreciating the technique involved in every aspect of it. In fact, Firmino’s technique was so perfect that it even bore an uncanny resemblance to the Bundesliga logo as well!

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