Throwback: 10 years ago today Man Utd thrashed Roma 7-1 and Sir Alex received this brilliant letter from Lazio fans

Football, like every other sport, is built on rivalries. There’s a different feel to a game when there is legitimate animosity between fans of the two sides because the eventual result just means so much more due to the ill will. That is what drives viewership of games like El Clasico through the roof.

In some cases, the hate for another club can make fans do some strange – and quite frankly hilarious – things. Take this little story as an example. Exactly 10 years ago, Manchester United hammered Roma 7-1 in a Champions League game. Naturally this was too good an occurrence for Lazio fans to not seize on.

So what did some Lazio fans do? Why they sent a letter to Sir Alex Ferguson of course! The letter includes a congratulatory message for the Red Devils, telling them that they have become a part of Rome’s history thanks to this result. They even sent Fergie seven crates of red wine, one for each goal scored.

See the letter in question here:

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