Behind the scenes video of Nathaniel Clyne’s birthday party shows the Liverpool star is a ‘Real G’

The footage below has all the tropes of a hip-hop video with the flashy cars, gorgeous women and alcohol flowing like water – and a baseball cap clad Nathaniel Clyne?

The Liverpool full-back visited the Playground Club in Liverpool to celebrate his 25th birthday. You could tell how the rest of evening would go from Clyne’s entrance in a 350,000 pound custom Rolls Royce – with his other Rolls closely following, of course.

The rest of the evening saw the England international sipping on champagne, acrobats playing with fire and even Clyne having a go at the turn table. Team-mates Daniel Sturridge and Georginio Wijnaldum also turned up to the party, but did not feature in a one minute video clip complete with gratuitous slow-motion and enough bizarre antics that would leave most a little bewildered. Guess you just had to be there.

Clyne was celebrating in the after-math of an away victory at Stoke, so he may not incur the wrath of his manager for a bit of over-indulgence. Supporters will be hoping the ex-Southampton man will have had his fill and will return his focus to helping Liverpool seal a Champions’ League spot.

The man’s got style, and here’s the proof below:

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