Not helping the dictator tag – Arsene Wenger has reportedly banned Arsenal players from listening to Stormzy

The Arsenal crisis of present has turned into a goldmine for the media with details of bust-ups, disenchanted players and boardroom power struggles providing plenty of copy.

With all that, Arsene Wenger would probably like his players to just shut off the outside world and focus on their game, maybe listen to some nice music to take your mind off things. Just not Stormzy.

In a bizarre piece of news, the Arsenal manager has apparently forbidden his players from listening to the award winning hip-hop artist on the team bus, as reported by TalkSport’s Alan Brazil.

The Frenchman is known for revolutionizing players’ diets and daily habits when he first came to England which eventually came to be the standard for all football clubs, but it’s hard to see the reasoning behind his latest decision. Perhaps he prefers Kendrick Lamar.

While this does seem innocuous, a development like this will provide more ammunition to Anti-Wenger groups who view him as a dictator who has taken rigid control of every facet of the club’s decision making.

His contract renewal remains a most divisive issue, and we will just have to wait and see if the manager will still have everybody dancing to his tune come next season.

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