Former Man City manager’s son tweets & deletes linking his father with the Arsenal job (Screengrab)

Amidst all the furore that surrounds Arsene Wenger’s future, with everything from dressing room dissent to boardroom power struggles contributing towards the image of a club in turmoil, there remains a question which is perhaps of the greatest import – if Wenger is to leave, who’s next?

Arsenal need look no further than rivals Manchester United for a cautionary tale – the decision to replace Sir Alex Ferguson with a less than distinguished Scotsman has sent United into a period of soul searching which continues to this day. A few names are floating around – and there seems to be a surprising new entry.

Filippo Mancini tweeted a slightly cryptic message which has sent pundits and punters alike into a tizzy. A move for his father Roberto to London would be an intriguing one – while his managerial record at Inter and Manchester City is commendable, the Italian’s shortcomings in Europe are quite well documented.

Reactions from the fans were mixed to say the least on social media – though many would feel that a change of any form is what would be most welcome.

Check out the screenshot of the tweet (now deleted) below:

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