Official: Newcastle United unveil the amended crest for the 2017/18 season (Photo)

A club jersey is a sensitive thing. It is representative of everything a team stands for and it’s the symbol for everything the fans associate with their team. Which is why the phrase ‘playing for your jersey’ is something that means a lot to supporters.

As a result, any changes to the jersey in most cases is likely to be met with negative reactions – particularly when a club decides to update their club crest. Manchester City recently did theirs with minimum fuss, though in that case their newfound success would have helped. Clubs need to balance the aesthetic and the traditional just right, or else risk the ire of fans and critics alike.

Newcastle United seem to have got their new design perfectly for the 2017/18 season as they prepare to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the club being founded. As a result, the magical number has been incorporated into the classic crest design – it is a significant achievement and is rightly being celebrated by the team.

The Magpies are currently in pole position to win the Championship this season and the automatic promotion that comes with it. A truly fitting return to the top table for Rafa Benitez’s men, and they certainly could not time their long awaited return any better.

Check out the photos of the amended crest below!

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