“Having a f**king giraffe” – Fans cry foul after Liverpool man gets ignored in the POTY nominations (Tweets)

Whilst football is most certainly a team game, the individual recognition a player gets is certainly a bonus for them. This is why there always remains such hype around the Ballon d’Or and Player of the Year trophies.

Thus it should come as absolutely no surprise that Twitter has seen some outrage over the recent announcement made by the Professional Footballers Association about the Player of the Year candidates. The list is a pretty solid one for the most part; however, one notable player has been omitted from the nominations.

Sadio Mane, despite being arguably the most key member of Liverpool’s squad, missed out on being nominated for the Player of the Year. Although he will miss out on the rest of the season due to having undergone knee surgery, it’s hard to argue against his nomination given his form for the club.

See the best tweets regarding his omission from the POTY nominations below:


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