PES are taking the absolute piss while depictng Liverpool star Sadio Mane’s face in the latest edition

Uncanny Resemblance

The gaming world has come a long way from the 8-bit delights they used to be. Nowadays, games have reached such a sophisticated level that it becomes difficult at times to tell the difference between reality and the virtual world. It seems though that Pro Evolution Soccer has some way to make up in that regard.

The franchise popularly known as PES is the main competitor in the football simulation market to EA’s money-spinning FIFA franchise. Gamers swear by the former’s gameplay as more realistic and better but where PES loses out is that it is not an officially licensed product. As a result, the player names very rarely match their real life counter-parts in appearance.

This was taken to the next level in a hilarious glitch featuring Liverpool’s Sadio Mane. The pacey forward has been represented in the game with great transparency, shall we say. His appearance would not affect his in-game effectiveness probably – it might even enhance his stats as his character model would likely frighten off the opposition.

Check out the hilarious, Halloween-worthy footage below:

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