Soon to be a new signing Sead Kolasinac’s career foretold by an Arsenal fan goes viral online

Chronicle of a Career Foretold

There is nothing new under the Sun – just ask Arsenal fans.

The supporters have grown used to the Circle of Life at Arsenal, following the familiar cycles of Bright Start to the Season, Title Talk, Injury Crisis, Winter Implosion, Champions’ League Exit before finally culminating in the State of Fourth Place.

It has been more or less the blueprint for a Gunners’ season for the better part of a decade and it has had its effects on the players as well. Perceived world-beaters have gone on to be typified as ‘lacking in spirit and fight’ or ‘missing in the big games’.

The extent of how far this depressing chain of events has spread is clear in one supporter’s prophecy of the fate for reported Arsenal target Sead Kolasinac. The Schalke left-back was the subject a pretty succinct prediction and perhaps the most striking part of it all was that many fellow fans seemed to concur.

Should Kolasinac sign for the London club, he would certainly hope to write his own destiny at the Emirates. However, the club will need to do much to change viewpoint that their season is often set in stone before it even begins.

Check out the tongue-in-cheek prediction of doom going viral below:

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  1. Tim Stillman is an idiot and the epitome of twitter giving a voice to imbeciles.
    Maybe he can name 10 players who have left Arsenal (over 100 have left in Wenger’s reign) whose form has ‘magically returned’ and been better than they were at Arsenal. He can’t.

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