Is Liverpool owner John Henry’s wife Linda Pizzuti a scecret ArsenalFanTV fan?

Despite often being criticized for lacking ambition and attachment towards the club, there is no denying the fact that Liverpool have undergone a steady positive development ever since the takeover by the Fenway Sports Group.  The astute financial management of the American company has seen Liverpool become debt free, facilities upgraded as well as expansion of Anfield well underway.

And for all the talk of the owners lacking attachment towards the club, it seems rather absurd in the face of all the frequent match day tweets from Linda Pizzuti. The wife of Liverpool owner John W Henry has on numerous occasions shown her affiliation towards the club regularly tweeting about Liverpool keeping fans in the loop.

Following Liverpool’s hard fought 1-0 win over West Brom, Linda yet again took to Twitter to celebrate the win with the Liverpool family. While that’s all well and good, one peculiar thing about the tweet shows the Linda might very well be a fan of YouTubers ArsenalFanTV.

Fam 1-0 Blud, check out the tweet below!

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