Chelsea duo were nearer to the ball but it still made it to Rashford – Aerial view of Ander Herrera’s assist for Man Utd’s 1st goal


Ander Herrera has been receiving rave reviews ever since his impression of Eden Hazard’s shadow led to the Belgian being marked out of the game and was a crucial factor in Manchester United’s 2-0 win over Chelsea. The Spaniard also chipped in with a goal and an assist – proving his key role in the result.

What may be overlooked however due to his industry is his artistry in laying the perfect through ball for Marcus Rashford’s opener. With respect to the picture below, it would seem that David Luiz and Gary Cahill were favourites to cut out the pass – which meant it would have had to be inch-perfect to even have a chance to reach the forward.

That it did, amongst other things, tells everyone just how much Herrera deserved his man of the match award. Check out the picture that tells a thousand words below:

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