Not very Tottenham-like performance spotted from a security official outside WHL pre Bournemouth game (Video)

Going through the motions

You know the drill – you’re about to enter a boarding gate, movie hall or a fancy establishment and you need to submit yourself to mandatory frisking. You’re mildly irritated when you think the security are just carrying out a formality and not even really doing an effective search. Well we’ve found a security guard who is just as fed up of the whole procedure as the average citizen.

Footage surfaced on social media of a steward performing a customary pat-down on supporters entering the stadium ahead of Tottenham’s home game against Bournemouth. It barely qualifies as even that however as the clip clearly shows that he doesn’t even appear to make contact with anyone as he waves his hands over the outstretched arms and bodies of the fans. Perhaps he’s a germaphobe – maybe a secret Jedi who uses the Force to detect security threats?

In light of the recent attack on the Borussia Dortmund team bus, this certainly reflects quite poorly on attempts to ensure the safety of fans and players through a thorough observation of all security protocols. The clip has gone viral online while the unfortunate steward in question here is probably gone – from his job that is.

A lazy workman or an experienced hand? You decide:

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