Man Utd fans will love this clip of Jesse Lingard pressing 4 Chelsea players in a manic run during 2-0 win (Video)

Jesse Lingard was the centre of a mini-media storm as news of his new £100,000 a week contract broke. The Manchester United youth product found himself the target of critics who feel that over-paid young players are often led astray.

However, Jose Mourinho is not particularly known for his trust in youth, which stands to reason that he believes in Lingard – and a short clip on social media seems to tell us exactly what that is.

While Marcus Rashford and Ander Herrera stole the headlines in the tactical masterpiece that was United’s 2-0 win over Chelsea, Lingard is definitely the unsung hero. He ran himself into the ground as he harried Chelsea players into making mistakes and rushing their passes.

A video doing the round on Twitter clinched this point as it shows the forward rushing to press no less than 4 players in about 8 seconds – all whilst covering a good 70 yards of the pitch. He ended up challenging the goalkeeper after starting in his own half in his quest for the ball – and that is some commitment.

He may have a few critics, but it seems Jesse Lingard is keen to earn every penny of that sweet new contract from the word go.

Check out the insane footage below:

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