Pic: Liverpool stopper Simon Mignolet shows his love for coffee by launching his own brand line

Having cemented his status as first choice goalkeeper at Liverpool, Simon Mignolet truly seems to be enjoying life at the moment. Apart from being goalkeeper at one of England’s biggest clubs, Mignolet is also well known for his love of coffee having opened his own coffee shop in his native Belgium.

The Belgian once again reiterated his love for the beverage as he recently launched his own special brand of coffee. The brand called ‘Twenty Two Inspired’ was launched by Mignolet to be served at his ‘Twenty Two Coffee’ shop in Sint-Truiden, Belgium. The brand name as well as the shop is a reference to Mignolet’s squad number at Liverpool.

Mignolet while speaking of his love for coffee at the presentation further commented on the ‘Twenty Two Inspired’ coffee, a blend of Burundian and Brazilian coffee beans as being ‘very, very fruity but also spicy.’

Check out the photo, via @HLNinEngeland, from the even below –

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