Brighton boss Chris Hughton hopes their first game in the Premier League will be against “champions” Tottenham (Video)

Chris Hughton is undoubtedly the man of the moment. The Irishman has successfully led Brighton and Hove Albion into the Premier League after their 2-1 victory over Wigan and Huddersfield’s draw against Derby County secured them automatic promotion. Hughton has had some less than memorable experiences in the top flight, so he will be looking forward to a fresh start. In fact he’s so upbeat about next season that he’s even stated his preference for his first opponents – with a very interesting motive.

The former Norwich manager stated that he would love for Brighton to host Tottenham in the opening game next season since, in his own words, that would be “the winners of the Championship against the winners of the Premier League”.

Bold words considering Tottenham have four points to make up on leaders Chelsea, but hardly surprising – Hughton enjoyed a 12-year playing career with Spurs as a full-back, making nearly 300 league appearances. It’s clear that his love for his former club has not diminished, and he’s definitely backing them to topple their London rivals.

Spurs fans were delighted to say the least with Hughton’s remarks and joined him in hoping that he gets the draw he favours. Hughton has realised Brighton’s dream this season, while it remains to be seen if it will indeed be the Spurs who go marching in to the title this year.

Check out Hughton’s smooth statement below:

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