Liverpool based designer reveals plans to make Anfield the second biggest stadium in the world

A Serious Upgrade

Anyone who has visited Anfield as the opposition will know that it is a daunting task. It’s bad enough to visit a place whose near unmatched legacy is unnerving enough, but then you have to face the supporters with their banners flying high as they launch into the ever-stirring tune of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. No wonder then that some teams have lost the game before the referee’s whistle.

And if the plans revealed by a local designer are to be believed, it will only make an away victory against the Reds seemingly impossible. The proposed plan is to increase the capacity of Anfield to a staggering 108,000 seats – which is just under double its current capacity.

If this design were to be approved, it would make the stadium the second largest on Earth, trailing only the positively mammoth Rungrado in Pyongyang, North Korea which can accommodate 114,000 spectators.

Naturally it is all conjecture at this point – but imagine the plight of teams visiting a stadium capable of holding over 100,000 people packed mostly with die-hard Scousers singing their Club Anthem. Dear me.

Via LiverpoolEcho Check out the insane proposal for the new Anfield stadium below:

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