Revealed: Arsenal & Man United owners contributions which helped Donald Trump raise record $107 million for inauguration

The sport of football is so popular nowadays that it doesn’t surprise anyone when huge sums of money are spent on players, managers, stadiums and the like.

The business side of things is just as important to the working of the sport as the actual games that are played on the field, if not more so in some cases.

Thus when the names of some of the donors for American president Donald Trump’s inauguration activities, no one should have been surprised at some of the names mentioned. The owners of NFL sides the LA Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Jacksonville Jaguars all made sizeable donations.

Why is this relevant to association football? Because the owners of these sides also own English football clubs: the Rams are owned by Stan Kroenke, owner of Arsenal. The Buccaneers are owned by Ed Glazer, part-owner of Manchester United and the Jaguars owner is Shad Khan, owner of Fulham.

Check out exactly how much these owners donated below:

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