Brad Friedel showed he’s Tottenham for life during Fox Sports’ coverage of the Champions League (Video)

Two years might have passed ever since Brad Friedel left Tottenham to go back to his native United States, but his love for the club has clearly not faded one bit.

Friedel finished his career at the North London club and went back to become a pundit on a Fox Sports’ show in the US, and reiterated his status as a permanent Spurs fan on an appearance recently.

On an episode discussing this season’s UEFA Champions League semi-finalists, the former Spurs goalkeeper referred to Dortmund as the “youngest team, only to Tottenham, in all of Europe.”

When asked about the club’s recent performances by a pro-Arsenal panellist, Friedel gave it back exactly how Spurs fans would have expected their former player to reply.

Friedel bowed out of Tottenham in 2015 after an illustrious career sprawling 21 seasons, which also included personal accolades like his record for the most consecutive appearances by any player in the Premier League.

Check out the video below –

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