Paul Pogba pulled off a delicious 40 yard pass from his left foot to set Ibra in on goal during Man Utd 2-1 Anderlecht (Video)

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho recently won over fans by heavily throwing all his support behind Paul Pogba during a presser recently, and the world’s most expensive player proved just why he deserved the praise.

Although it was Marcus Rashford who stole the show with his late winner that placed United in the semi-finals of Europa League, there was some brilliant display of skills by others like Pogba as well.

In one moment of the game, Pogba almost became the architect of what could have sealed the game in United’s favour a long time before the referee’s final whistle.

In a classic display of the fluid partnership that Pogba and Ibrahimović share, the latter passed the ball to Pogba and made a wild run towards the goal. The Frenchman responded with a sublime overhead pass right from the half line that landed right at Ibra’s feet.

Although Ibrahimovic didn’t manage to convert it into a goal, the pass itself is worth appreciating. Check it out below –

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