Liverpool sponsors New Balance produce a goosebumps inducing advert featuring Jurgen Klopp (Video)

Being a football manager is an enormous task. Attempting to strike a balance within a squad, catering to demands of board members as well as fans and all while trying to deal with injuries, bad form and a whole gamut of factors which will upset even the most meticulous planning – all while trying to achieve some measure of success, of course.

It is, however, still a postion of privilege and honour – which is exactly what Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp reflects on in the latest advertisement from sponsor New Balance.

In the form of a letter to his future self, Klopp addresses the journey that he has undertaken in all his years to reach the stature he currently possess – all the moments of euphoria tempered by the pain of defeat. He speaks of having to deal with critics, trials and tribulations in perservering, while also paying tribute to all those who have fought alongside him and supported his cause.

The brilliantly conceived video also touches on the spirit of football as it transforms “strangers into a team. A team into a band of brothers”. It is an absolutely majestic piece which comes straight from the heart and will resonate with football fans across club divisions and casual viewers alike. New Balance have got it absolutely spot on with this latest promo – it is goosebump inducing.

Check out Jurgen Klopp’s reminder to himself below:

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