You don’t last as long in the managerial world as Arsene Wenger without learning how to deal with those ever-curious reporters. The Arsenal manager has been a target for many sections of the press – which tends to happen when you have a reign of over two decades at a club which constantly teeters between fantastic success and catastrophic decline. Just makes for good copy.

As anyone with a pulse in the footballing world will know, the anti-Wenger sentiment has never been stronger than in recent months, as the cries for change at the helm has split the fans like no other issue.

Wenger himself has kept everyone guessing as to his next move, focusing on the football as he should which was probably what helped in Arsenal overcoming Manchester City in the FA Cup Semi-finals 2-1 after Extra Time.

Naturally, even in the afterglow of a brilliant result, the media wished to know more about Wenger’s decision regarding his future – and his reply just exemplifies his experience in handling the prying queries. Dealt with like a Boss.

Arsenal’s victory will certainly to help quell the fans who are baying for blood at the moment, and maybe its time they reflected that perhaps sometimes old is still gold. The evidence is there for all to see here:

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