Man Utd fan finally gets a response from Luke Shaw after tweeting a picture of the left back everyday for two months

Tales of persistence paying off are commonplace throughout the football world. There are numerous instances when players and teams alike have defied the odds through sheer will-power and determination to achieve greatness.

This age old adage of persistence paying off yet again came to the fore, only this time it had to do with an ardent fan of Manchester United defender Luke Shaw.

The purported fan known by the Twitter username ‘@VintageMou’ decided to tweet Luke Shaw a picture of him every day until Shaw took notice of his earnest endeavour. The super-fan, true to words kept uploading a picture of Shaw everyday starting from February.

His perseverance surely did paid off in the end as his activity caught the attention of the defender who replied to his tweet on the 59th day.  And sure enough, the fan was more than elated at Shaw’s response finally calling an end to his nearly two months endeavour. Check it out below –

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