Douglas Costa to Liverpool? Look at his most recent Like on Twitter (Screenshot)

Speculations in the world of football can run wild enough to engulf even the best of footballers, and that seems to have become the case with Bayern Munich winger Douglas Costa.

The 26-year old had been reportedly unhappy with the lack of playing time under manager Carlo Ancelotti which subsequently led to his desire to ply his trade elsewhere.

With just 13 starts for Bayern this season, Costa has largely played second fiddle to he likes of Arjen Robben and Frank Ribery along the flanks.

While Tottenham were looking as the most prospective candidates to secure the player’s signature, Liverpool have also emerged as potential bidders now.

And while media outlets recently ruled out the player’s move to Anfield based on statements to that effect by his best friend and personal trainer, Costa appeared to be teasing rumour-mongers by liking a tweet wishing for exactly that.

Check out the screengrabs of his activity on Twitter below –

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