Celtic fans will love how Leigh Griffiths reacted after Ibrox stewards stopped him from tying a scarf to the post (Video)

There was total carnage at Ibrox Stadium when Celtic claimed their biggest win at Rangers’ backyard as the final Old Firm derby of the season ended in the visitors’ favour.

The Hoops notched five goals courtesy of Sinclair, Griffiths, McGregor, Boyata, and Lustig, while Rangers could only salvage a consolation goal by Kenny Miller.

Brendan Rodgers’ men remain unbeaten this season and their impeccable record in the six derbies with Rangers (5 of which were won) this season has aggregated to a massive 16-4 in their favour.

The result was most enjoyed by Leigh Griffiths, who marked his return to the squad with a fantastic goal against his most bitter rivals.

Not content with that, the striker also gave fans a brilliant moment to remember for a long time. When the stewards at Ibrox stopped Griffiths from trying a Celtic scarf on one of the goalposts, the player simply went and placed it ceremoniously on the pitch before applauding the fans.

Check out the video below –

8 thoughts on “Celtic fans will love how Leigh Griffiths reacted after Ibrox stewards stopped him from tying a scarf to the post (Video)”

  1. The ‘Old Firm’ died in 2012 when Rangers FC 1872 died.

    Glasgow Celtic no longer call this fixture the ‘Old Firm’ due to it’s inaccuracy – the refer to it as a Glasgow Derby, akin to when Celtic play Partick Thistle or Clyde.

    This is all common knowledge, do try to keep up.

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    1. Spot On M8.Dot even waste your Good Air on No Delusional Retarded Grieving Pile o Bile.HH 2 U My Bhoy.GGAW!!!HH!!!The newest Club in the Premier Got Skelped,AGAIN!!!!DO MIND THE GAP!!!A 5 yr old Club GoinFor55.LoL.Only in LaLa Land

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  2. No they don’t.
    Hate filled kids do, infact, didn’t you just post an article where you called it the biggest old firm win against Rangers since 1893? But, they died in 2012?
    Make your mind up.
    What a fucking idiot.

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  3. We the Celtic Supporters Knew When Rangers 1872 Died the Old Firm No Longer Existed.Now its just another Glasgow Derby.Like Thistle ETC.Celtic Enjoy Putting This Cretinous Entity Well and Truly In Its Place.This Tribute Act is All of Five Years Old.Charles (Greene) Every Pun Intended Bought the Assets of the liquidated Oldco to form a Newco.Before the changed there name to The RainJurZzz.They Were and Are known As Newco Sevco 5088,And That Is Facts.But You Get the Deluded Saying We Urni Deed So Wurno.Grieving is a Bitch.Still Grieving for A Dead Club Will Not Bring Success.Not having EBT’s and Endless Cheating.Yesterdays result showed Sevco for what exactly They Are,Which is (Rank Rotten).HH GGAW YNWA!!!!GIRUYDDOB!!!!

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  4. There Club Died and they let it,140 years of History Gone.They try and act like None of it even happened.They,re an absolute embarrassment to every other Club in our League.But HeyHo dont believe Us.Just read Every Known Fact regarding Liquidation and what was all over the papers at that time.Why did Naismith etc Leave Rankers!!!!NUFF SAID!!!!!

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  5. Im a Rangers fan,ive supported Rangers all my life.We were Liquidated and had to start all over,Again.Its really hard for most Bears to accept we are a new Club.Oldco did die.The sooner All our Supporters face reality and move on in a pisitive manner,The Better.We have been gving a second chance but our fans Let the Club down time and time Again.The best thing we can do is get shot of every single thing and The Board that is connected to Oldco.Sorry Bears but that the Truth and Fine Well You know It.Dave King and the others are just there for themselves.TRIFC 2012.WATP

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  6. Wow Wow Wow.An actual Honest Hun.Well I’ll be damned.Well Done Novo 9.Goodluck trying to explain that to 49-999 Zombies.lololololol.But never the less,Well says You.God Bless You.HH!!!Did ye enjoy the game Yesterday.lololol

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