Jurgen Klopp hugging Adam Lallana in Liverpool training will warm the cockles of your heart (Photo)

Who says Jurgen Klopp is all about passionate on-field aggression? The Liverpool boss, who is known to wear his heart on his sleeves, also has a softer side that we have been privy to on multiple occasions before.

Although Klopp never reveals his favourite player in the squad, the manager is known to have a superb relationship with midfielder Adam Lallana, who has been probably the biggest beneficiary of Klopp’s trademark style of showing encouragement.

While the Reds manager has been known to share bromance with Lallana with hugs after multiple Liverpool victories previously, a picture of the latest one posted by the club’s official Twitter account is sure to melt hearts.

And with a crucial game against Watford coming up next week, fans would be hoping to see the duo share yet another bear hug after the game following a Lallana goal sealing the victory for the Reds.

Check out the picture of a heart warming Klopp-Lallana hug below –

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