Transport Minister Humza Yousaf post & deletes tweet mocking Rangers following their 5-1 loss v Celtic (Screenshot)

For all the range of human emotions that has come to characterize football ever since its inception, there has been a corresponding emergence of rivalries among teams, players, coaches and fans alike in the footballing world.

And no matter the place, size and intensity of the rivalry in question, these rivalries are a tad sensitive issue. As such there is a need to carefully regulate and handle these rivalries lest they lead to ugly unforeseen consequences such as the incidents of fan violence and riots which has tarnished the beautiful game over the years.

Scottish Minister for Transport and the Islands, Humza Yousaf recently seemed to be treading along a rather perilous line following his tweet mocking Rangers after their demoralizing 5-1 loss at the hands of fierce rivals Celtic. The SNP politician did eventually delete his tweet but not before fans around the world had their share of views.

In all fairness while every person is entitled to their own volition as regards to their allegiance of clubs, the Glasgow politician being a prominent public figure would do well to refrain from making such statements which would probably politicize the Celtic-Rangers rivalry especially keeping in mind the volatility of the rivalry as of now.

Check out the screenshot of his deleted below –

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