If there was ever an image that captures the current state of affairs at Tottenham & Arsenal

The North London derby was a good chance for Arsenal to show some fight and intent by getting a victory over Tottenham. Not only would that have drastically increased their chances of making the top 4, it would have also put a major dent in Spurs’ ambitious push for the Premier League title.

Instead, what Gooners got was more of the same. Arsenal once again looked lost against a side that are well organized, whereas Spurs got to emphatically snuff out the twenty-plus year curse of St. Totteringhams Day.

Both clubs are heading in very different directions currently, and nowhere was this more evident in a picture that made it to one of the newspapers.

The picture shows Dele Alli and Mesut Ozil in the background during Harry Kane’s penalty run-up. Alli looks ready to pounce in case of a rebound, a true representation of Spurs’ hard-working mentality.

Ozil, on the other hand, seemed least bothered as he just stood with his hands on his hips, summing up the recent state of affairs at Arsenal.

Spotted by @spurs_ssp, check out the telling picture below:

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