Heartwarming story of how 3 Rangers fans came to the rescue of a Celtic supporter after the derby on Saturday

The promotion of Rangers football club to the Ladbrokes Championship last season was seen as a pivotal step in bringing back some of the excitement lost in Scottish football owing to Celtic’s overwhelming dominance of the Scottish football league in recent seasons.

Rangers’ promotion though mattered for little as Celtic continued to exert their dominance throughout Scottish football.

Yet while results turned out to be thoroughly one sided, the Rangers-Celtic derby generated its fair share of drama and controversy in the Scottish football scene.

A large part of it has been down to the hooliganism and vandalism on part of the Rangers’ support with the Gers unruly conduct making headlines throughout the season. The most recent derby at the Ibrox Stadium seemed to be continuing along the same vein until a story of some Gers fans helping out a Celtic fan came to the attention of the footballing community.

A Celtic fan shared the story of how a group of Gers fans helped out his friend who was being attacked by some shady characters post the Celtic win at Ibrox.

The incident goes at length to attest the fact that despite varying allegiances, all fans are in the end united by virtue of being human.

Check out the tweet below –

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