This picture of Heung Min Son from the Arsenal game is getting popular amongst Tottenham for hilarious reasons

After a long series of bad games that had just started improving slowly, Arsenal were decimated at the hands of their most bitter rivals last week.

Tottenham gave their fans a memory to cherish forever in the form of the last North London derby played at White Hart Lane resulting in a 2-0 win for the hosts.

It was a spectacle of pure master class for the supporters in white as both goals of the game were scored within a quick span of over a minute, courtesy of Dele Alli’s close range finish before Harry Kane’s penalty goal.

In fact, Tottenham were so good over their rivals from across town that a simple picture of Son Heung-Min described his team’s dominance.

Obviously not intended by the South Korean, but the Spurs fan on the internet reckon the picture shows Son dancing with the ball and reminding Monreal of Arsenal’s favorite position (4) with his left hand; while dishing out the middle finger at a defeated Sanchez just sitting on the ground and watching.

Courtesy of @Scuzzfest, check out the picture below –

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  1. Seriously – Are these Spurs fans still dining out on a 2-0 victory like they’ve won the Champions League? This is the mind set of a very small club mentality. Yes, they beat their rivals and will finish above them for the first time in 22 years, but that alone should actually be humbling. Law of averages alone tells us that this was bound to happen. IT MEANS NOTHING! Get over yourselves! As a Liverpool fan without a title triumph for over two decades, we did not celebrate finishing above United last season. For Spurs fan without a title for over 56 YEARS to remotely suggest they are the top dogs in London by finishing 2nd in the league and trophy-less is painfully embarrassing!

    Liverpool will ALWAYS be a bigger club than Everton
    Manchester United will ALWAYS be a bigger club than City
    Arsenal will ALWAYS be a bigger club than Spurs
    These 3 clubs have more Titles than all the other clubs put together!

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    1. Bitter much? We’re not dining out on this shit. Of course, we’re happy to win but we’re celebrating as we would most games. As you would… but now we’re focused on West Ham, who will probably be more challenging than Arsenal were.

      And that comment about those clubs ALWAYS being bigger than their rivals is also dumb. How the hell do you know? Anything could happen. Things change in football all the time… although you probably thought up until recently that spurs will ALWAYS finish below arsenal, which many of you retards have said many-a-time.

      Don’t have children.

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    2. Behave yourself, it’s the Arsenal fans that have a day of celebration when finishing above us because they have nothing else to shout about.
      This pic is pathetic and I’m sure 99% of other spurs fans agree, read our blogs and you will notice that most spurs fans are not treating this like we have won the league.
      We are only looking upwards, after all its only Arsenal. We have bigger fish to fry. They can scrap it out with you boys and the other massive clubs for 4th and Europa

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    3. Huddersfield town have won more titles that Newcastle Utd. Does that make them a bigger club? You complete fool

      And Spurs fans aren’t celebrating finishing above them. We are only interested in the title . Taking the piss yes, celebrating no

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    4. Calm down lad calm down. Let’s be honest I think you have a touch of the green eyed monster about you. Klip klopp or Poch. Has to be Poch every time. By the way Everton is the true club of Merseyside as Liverpool supporters are made up like the United lot lol.

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    5. Sad bitter deluded arse nail fans. U only sing when ur winning which ain’t been much this year. How u forget ur own fans and players delusional rants that have been fired at spurs over the years. Suck it up soldiers there’s more to come over the coming years

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      1. Remember, if you look at it like the experts do, and everybody that doesnt support Arsenal or the boys over at Shite Hart Lane, they can see that Spurs finished above Arsenal ONCE in 22 years. See? SEE?

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  2. Yes Liverpool fans did celebrate finishing above Man Utd last year to say they didn’t is a lie and Arsenal fans were always carping on about finishing above Spurs, even given the day it happened a special name – now the tables are turned suddenly it doesn’t matter to them, what a load of rubbish.
    Pochettino has built a, young, very good team in his three years in charge and is in profit in the transfer market during that time – an outstanding achievement that Spurs fans have every right to celebrate – if not what’s the point of being a supporter?
    As for certain clubs always being bigger than others that’s another load of rubbish, there have, and always will be power shifts in football and when Everton build their brand new 60,000 state of the art stadium that will be full every week compared to Liverpool’s cobbled together old ground then such a change could happen on Merseyside.
    I remember as a kid growing up that Liverpool were practically unbeatable in the domestic league, winning titles, domestic cups and European trophies every single season – If you’d have told me they would go 27 years without a title I wouldn’t have believed you so don’t tell me that things are set in stone in football.

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  3. You mean like Chelscum celebrating like they won the league when they came back and DREW 2-2 with us last season and finish 10th?

    Fact is we have an inexpensively built side full of young English talent unlike the rest of the league. We have no right to be in the position we are given the investment in players and our wage cap, we are punching far above our weight. Most shots on goal and meanest defence in the league. Our current first team (which excludes Lamela and Sissoko) is a fraction of the cost of the top 6.

    Arscum’s biggest derby =Spurs
    Spammers biggest derby = Spurs
    Chelscums biggest derby = Spurs

    Tottenham Hotspur biggest club in London!

    Micky Mousers understandably bitter. They thought they were gonna win it this year ..

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  4. Stupid bin dipper…..come on Everton get that stadium built and put those skanks out of business…and join the other sleeping giants Spurs waking up.

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