Former Tottenham chairman Alan Sugar shares 4 stunning aerial images of the new stadium taking shape

Spurs’ ambitions of becoming a mega club in England are finally coming to fruition. Not only are they currently second in the Premier League, but their new stadium is coming along nicely and will eventually ensure they manage to compete with Europe’s elite due to increased ticket sales.

It’s safe to say that Tottenham wouldn’t be in the position they are today without their past investors. One such figure is former chairman Alan Sugar; his time at the club wasn’t popular at all, but his departure did eventually lead to Spurs’ resurgence.

The former chairman, who is quite active on Twitter, recently posted four unseen pictures of Spurs’ new stadium getting built. The aerial view actually captures pictures of the current White Hart Lane stadium alongside the new one, encapsulating both the past and the future in a few pictures.

Check out the photos he posted below:

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