Pic: Simon Mignolet’s incredible improvement with Liverpool this season shows what bringing in competition can do for a player

When Loris Karius was signed by Liverpool in the summer of 2016, many predicted it to be the end of Simon Mignolet’s career. The Belgian was seen as inferior to the young German shot-stopper and was thus expected to eventually be moved on, whether it happened this season or the next.

However, Karius’ failing form and lack of confidence-inspiring performances meant Mignolet got another run in the first side.

Amazingly, his performances have gone up by several notches and contrary to what many believed, he has now essentially solidified himself as Liverpool’s number one goalkeeper.

And one of the main reasons for the Belgian’s improvement has been put down to the increased competition after the arrival of Karius.

Indeed, the theory seems to hold some weight, as was proved by a set of stats posted on Twitter that showed that Mignolet has quite massively improved in a couple of key areas that he struggled with before.

One look at that ‘Minutes per Error’ column and you know what we are talking about. Check out proof of the Belgian’s improvement below:

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