Every sport in general tries to keep itself away from political issues, particularly the most controversial ones. In a world where corporate sponsorship and TV rights fees are just as important as winning the matches itself, it is important to present sports as an escape from the world, not a part of it.

Which makes it all the more heart-warming to see the two worlds intertwine, particularly for the right reasons. The Israel-Palestine conflict recently took a new turn when Palestinian prisoners launched a hunger strike demanding better amenities as well as more humane treatment whilst in jail.

The issue has gotten coverage worldwide, and now got support from a familiar source in the Celtic ultras. During the 4-1 win against St. Johnstone, the Green Brigade unveiled a banner that had the words “Hungering for Justice” on it. In a match that saw Celtic go 43 domestic matches unbeaten, this was perhaps the real story of the day.

See pictures (via @Liam_O_Hare) of the banners below:

  1. Glasgow Celtic,We Dont Have To Cheat to Get 9 In A Row.Now Lok and Learn As The Mghty Green n White Break there Old Record With 10 In A Row.Get It Right and Keep It Right.Oldco Were Liquidated and Are Dead!!!Sevco were Formed by Charles Greene Who bought what Assets were Left After Oldco Liquidation.Remember the Papers and Jim Traynor Stating After 140 Years Rangers are finished 140 years of History,Gone.The proof is out there.Fcking Lying MutantvLowlifes.Borrow Borrow They Were Borrow StrainJurZzz.

  2. Quality again from the Green Brigade.

    These people who take the time do to do these banners and Tifo’s are a credit to the Club.

    Well done GB


  3. The Palestinian People have Endured Every Injustice known to decent Human kind.Israel kills and tortures innocent Chldren Men and Woman and Blatantly Steal There Lands.The Jew,ish dont even belong in Israel.They come from Khazaria.AshkeNazi Jews Are Not Israeli.FACT!!!They are Occupying Palestinian Lands.Viva Palestine!!!

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