Eric Dier savagely used his post match interview to remind West Ham how little Tottenham cares about them

Spurs title ambitions were dealt a severe blow as they fell to a very damaging 1-0 loss away at West Ham United on Friday. Having being sole contenders to Chelsea’s dominance in the league all season long, Manuel Lanzini’s 65th-minute goal saw Tottenham Hotspur’s title challenge all but come to an end on Friday.

West Ham’s victory while securing their own safety gave league leaders Chelsea the chance to go seven points clear with three games remaining.

Speaking after the disastrous result, Tottenham midfielder Eric Dier outlined on the impossibility of chasing down Chelsea after the loss. Despite visibly melancholic after the loss, the England international also took the opportunity to take a sly dig at West Ham referring to the game as West Ham’s biggest match of the season.

With Spurs fans having little or no regard for the rivalry that West Ham fans so fiercely endorse, Dier further commented that he feels the same way as fans do with regard to the rivalry.

Check out the savage comments from Dier below:

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  1. Look at his boat, look at Levis after the game…. they hugely care – perhaps if they’d adopted the same attitude as West Ham they wouldn’t have lost. Mmmmwwwwaaaahhhhaaahhhaaaa!!!

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  2. well said Eric. Why would we care about a team who best ever season resulted in them finishing 6th. Small club that we don’t give a tinkers cuss about. COYS

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    1. Exactly.
      What gets me about it is this: historically, the Spammers’ real rivalry was with Millwall. But when I was growing up, Millwall having sunk like a stone, it was Chelsea. And why not? Both two Bob mid-table clubs with thug fans (trivia question: one of these teams played in a corrugated-iron shack, which one? Clue, it is the one who has been bankrolled by dodgy oil money looted by a Ruskie mafioso from the Russian people). And they really hated one another. But because of the financial doping, the Spammers knew there was no real rivalry there any more – so they’ve slunk away from that one with their tales between their legs.

      So, in desperate need of a derby they targeted Spurs. And why not? They were/are aspirational, and Spurs, thanks to Mr Scholar, were in the mid-table wilderness. So, sometimes, when the Spammers weren’t going off on their little holidays in the second tier – LOL – they could finish relatively close in the table. But now Spurs are getting back to where they always were before Mr Scholar kyboshed them just when their rivals were in the right place at the right time to benefit from BPL/CL/TV money. Only Spurs have done it the right way, unlike the corrugated shack dwellers. And this invented rivalry is being shown for what it is. The gulf is huge (HUGE – go look at the table spammers).

      And, in effect, they were celebrating so much on Friday night when all they had really done was ensured the title goes to a truly horrid club, a frightful club, who really are much more historically their rivals.

      And now Spurs have the Chavs obsessed with being their rivals – no, you the Chavs are just hated for being financially doped corrugated shack classless hacking diving cheating bribing thugs. The Spammers are pitied and scorned in turn. Tottenham has one real rivalry and that is with the Woolwich.

      N.B. I fear there is also a strong anti-Semitic element in these hatreds, and the media panders to it!

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      1. Oh dear, you really need to get over yourself. Writing nonsense like that it’s no wonder nobody likes you.

        And before you start throwing stones remind me again who was it who was convicted for tapping phones and other illegal dealings over a stadium they so desperately wanted but were beaten to it not once but twice?

        And don’t get me started about mysterious fires!

        Stones and greenhouses pal.

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  3. Totally agree with Eric. Perhaps if they put more effort into their other 36 games they may finish higher than their normal mid table or relegation battle position every season.

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  4. Really looked liked you didn’t mind loosing to the Irons by the looks on all your faces afterwards!

    And the reason why we love beating you so much is because we don’t like you very much. Simple as!

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  5. Well said Eric
    It was their cup final and well done to the small timers. It really was cringing to see how much they celebrated. I would be angry if I was a West Ham fan only turning up for this one big game. No such effort against Liverpool. COYS

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