Marcos Alonso takes the piss after Eden Hazard rocks up to Chelsea training in ridiculous pink attire (Photo)

One noticeable thing about Chelsea this season is that the squad is back to being a tight knit unit again. The previous season had seen the team lose focus, especially around the end of Jose Mourinho’s term; however, team spirit is back in the dressing room and seems ready to propel them to another title victory.

Which would seemingly explain why Marcos Alonso decided to air his team-mate Eden Hazard’s dirty laundry in public; almost literally, in fact. The Spaniard posted a picture of the Belgian winger on his Instagram story and clearly poked fun at his appearance, which was quite amusing to say the least.

The reason it was so funny? Hazard decided to turn up to training wearing nothing but the brightest of pink wherever possible. Aside from his pink jacket, the attacker had on a pink and white cap as well as bright pink trainers.

See Hazard’s hideously funny attire for yourself here:

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