What the crazy? A Tipping Point contestant thought Jurgen Klopp played striker for Liverpool (Video)

Jurgen Klopp might have found success everywhere he has been in his career, but sadly he will never be remembered as the player who belted a stunning brace against England in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Or maybe he will.

A contestant on hit TV game show Tipping Point was asked to name a former Liverpool striker who scored two goals against England in their 2014 World Cup match against Uruguay.

The answer was Luis Suarez, who had marked his return from a month-long sojourn following a knee surgery with a two brilliant goals that eventually knocked England out of the competition.

But the lady managed to astonish baffled host Ben Shephard after answering his question by naming Liverpool’s current manager instead.

Proof of the fact that some basic football knowledge can go a long way, watch a moment from the episode below –

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