Doctors in America are in awe of injured Man Utd star Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s knee

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s knee injury has put his Manchester United future in jeopardy. Signed on only a one year deal, the Swedish striker is currently set to be out till the end of 2017 itself.

Whilst his performances for the club have been good, there is no certainty as to how he will deal with this setback at this age.

The good news is that he went over to the United States of America and underwent successful surgery in America. The legendary striker has also promised to make a comeback from this injury, meaning his fans around the world will get to see him play again, just possibly not in a United shirt.

These sentiments were echoed by agent Mino Raiola, who also shared an amusing anecdote regarding the striker and his doctors. Apparently the doctors treating Zlatan’s knees were so impressed by the lack of wear and tear on them that they wanted to open him up and do further research on his knees once his playing days are over. Amazingly, this is something both agent and player are interested in doing.

See the quotes from Raiola on the matter below:

His knees are so strong that doctors said they had never seen anything like it.

He has a knee that’s almost impossible for a football player with a 20 year long career to have. It was perfectly clean, there were no damage to it.

Zlatan’s knee is so strong that the doctor’s want him to return after his career to do research on him. They work at the world’s best research institute for knees and ligaments.

They research a lot about the subject and that is why they are better than everyone else. So after Zlatan’s career we will go back and open him again to research his ligament.

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