Graphic doing rounds online shows why Chelsea should do everything to keep Diego Costa and stay away from Romelu Lukaku

With 19 goals and 6 assists so far this season, Diego Costa has been an integral part of a Chelsea side that has well and truly dominated the league.

But with the latest reports suggesting of an imminent move to the lucrative Chinese league for Costa, we might just be seeing the last of the fiery Spaniard in the English Premier League.

While often being controversial for his rather temperamental nature, Costa’s application to the team’s cause in terms of attacking efficiency and passion goes unrivalled across the league. And it is this very aspect of Costa that would make Conte loathe to lose the striker.

A recent graphic doing the rounds on social media once again reiterated Costa’s importance to the team with the striker contributing a massive 15 points on his goals alone.

In comparison, Everton frontman Romelu Lukaku who has widely been tipped to replace Costa in the Chelsea line up does not even make the list.

While stats do not always tell the full story, it does make a compelling question of just how effective Lukaku will be in replacing the contribution of Costa.

Check out the graphic below –

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