Newcastle fans will love the schadenfreude from Dwight Gayle while clebrating his goal v Barnsley today (Video)

The Germans have a word to describe the pleasure one derives from another person’s misfortune: schadenfreude. And those people who call this feeling sadistic have clearly never enjoyed seeing their rival football team struggling.

Newcastle United’s Dwight Gayle enthralled fans by taking a massive jibe against Sunderland with his goal celebration against Barnsley earlier today.

Gayle’s late goal deserved a resounding applause by fans as it sealed not only a 3-0 victory, but also eventually saw his side clinch the Championship title shortly after the final whistle.

But that’s not how Magpies supporters will remember the goal, as Gayle’s celebration (literally) pointed out the fact that their club will compete in the Premier League next season, while their bitter Tyne-Wear derby rivals Sunderland stare at the harsh reality of relegation after a 1-0 defeat against Bournemouth last week.

Classic example of schadenfreude this, check out Gayle’s cheeky celebration below –

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