Cesc Fabregas gatecrashes Chelsea team-mate’s Instagram live streaming with a hilarious comment (Photo)

As Chelsea stroll towards their fifth premier league title, forgotten man Cesc Fabregas has been very much the man of the moment in recent weeks.

The Spaniard shunned to the bench for much of the season has shined in recent weeks with a series of eye-catching performances to help Chelsea move within one victory of winning the title.

Fabregas played a big part in relegating Middlesbrough from the English premiership on Monday and he showed his ruthlessness yet again, albeit in hugely different circumstances. This time it was a team-mate that was on the receiving end of Fabregas’s ruthless streak.

It was all going smooth for Chelsea custodian Thibaut Courtois as he casually live streamed a game of FIFA on Instagram, until Fabregas rudely gate-crashed his game with a sick comment that left no room for a comeback.

With the whole world watching, Fabregas stuck it up to Courtois commenting how he had easily beat the Belgian goalkeeper 8-0 only the day before.

Seems Fabregas doesn’t care too much for the Belgian’s FIFA skills. Check out Fabregas wicked comment below:

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