The $30 non-branded version of the new Liverpool home kit to compete with counterfeits in China (Photo)

The season of new kit launches is closely followed by the need to fight counterfeits, which is a problem faced by all big clubs around the world, but one that is difficult to address.

Liverpool, on the other hand, seems to have come up with a strategy to capitalize on their growing presence in China without losing business to fake kits that sell in every city there.

The club has launched Liverpool shirts that look just like their home kit but will not be manufactured by, and display the logo of, their official kit supplier New Balance.

With a nominal price tag of $30 (but around $65 for fans in England) the shirt will carry the redesigned badge to commemorate Liverpool’s 125th anniversary.

It still remains to be seen whether these alternative shirts will prove to be profitable for Liverpool, as exact replicas of their home kit are widely available for much cheaper rates all across China.

Check out what the new shirt (via @lovefutebol) looks like below –

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