Liverpool players working on patterns of play to break down stubborn defences in training today (Video)

The fact that Liverpool are likelier to make the top 4 ahead of club’s like Manchester United and Arsenal is down in no small part to the fact that they are able to see off top sides. In fact, they even lead the charts for most goals scored against sides in the top 6 this season, showing how adept they are at taking on the big boys.

However, Reds fans have also been frustrated with how their side consistently fails to break down the smaller sides, teams that come to defend and maybe scrap a point.

Whilst Klopp’s footballing philosophy lends itself better to big-match situations, it is imperative he come up with solutions to break down teams parking the bus.

According to training footage released by the club itself, the team has been working on patterns of play to break down rigid defences. The Reds can be seen hard at work to find a way to break down low-block defending sides.

See the footage below:

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