Graham Roberts‏ calls for no Arsenal presenters on Sky Sports during the last Tottenham game at WHL on Sunday

Tottenham Hotspur bid farewell to the historic White Hart Lane stadium in their final home game of the season against Manchester United on Sunday.

Despite the possibility of Chelsea already having won the Premier League title by then, it will matter little at least for Sunday with the feeling of nostalgia likely to take precedence over the disappointment at missing out on the title.

Social media has been rife with the Spurs faithful recounting their fond memories of the iconic stadium in the build up to the final match at the stadium. In the midst of the downpour of emotions from the Spurs faithful, legendary Spurs defender Graham Roberts has called for respect on part of the Sky Sports administration by pleading the channel not to cast any ex-Arsenal players on TV for the White Hart Lane send-off.

In what will be a very emotional adieu to the stadium, Roberts does make a very compelling request which the channel will do well to heed.

Check out the tweets below –

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      1. The sad twats have gone well beyond banter into an almost obsessive need to be laughing at Spurs constantly. I think it is mostly the younger glory-hunter fans who started supporting them in the 00s as a fashionable glory-hunter alternative to United. The older fans were enjoying the novelty of being so far ahead of us. And the glory-hunters didn’t see any of the subtlety​ of that being the euphoria of suddenly being so far ahead of us, of the almost total collapse we had been through due to the financial mishandling of our chairman of that it happened just when the Goons were in a position to exploit the money explosion from BPL/CL/TV.

        It is like they have made this whole hysterical overreaction to a period of dominance and success a core part of their being. They even reinvented the whole meaning of their At Totteringham’s Day nonesene a decade ago, just so they could continue saying the words and pretending they were celebrating the same thing. And they thought no-one had noticed. They’ve spent the last decade pretending that just scraping past us on the last day thanks to lasagne and dodgy conflicted FA decision making, a whole string of dodgy officiating decisions, one of our ex goalies, with a grudge against us, being rushed in locum with undue haste just so he could throw the ball into his own net three times, or even our own total collapse, taking 2 points from 12, is somehow the same as celebrating it being mathematically impossible for Spurs to catch them with more than one match-day remaining. Which, incidentally, is the situation we have over them now – four games remaining and it was mathematically impossible for them to catch us. And now they are laughing at us hysterically for being happy about that – like they haven’t spent the last decade celebrating wildly just scraping past us – usually with some shenanigans.

        They have done all this while closing their eyes to all the improvements we have made. They have ignored the fact that we have improved on the pitch to the point where there really was virtually nothing between the teams. They ignored the fact that our youth set-up had overtaken theirs – even though Liam Brady explicitly stated that when he left his post in their academy. They ignored the fact that of our training centre development. The only reaction they had to us building a bigger and better stadium than theirs was to find a spurious association and then laugh hysterically. And now they are laughing hysterically in the hope that playing at Wembley with have a negative effect on us. How sad. I fear the psychiatric hospitals will be filled for decades to come with glory-hunter fans of a certain age, hysterical expressions painfully etched into their boo-hooing faces, totally unable to cope with the changing of what was only a temporary situation.

        And they went from saying United were their real rivals to this parody of themselves in the blinking of an eye. What makes me really laugh is that for all this period of dominance, that they have celebrated so hysterically, they still can’t get close to our genuine recognised by UEFA European trophies haul. A mug club with muggy glory-hunter fans. The End.

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  1. The Ghost of St. Totteringham’s Day.

    If be by Tuesday,
    You’re not happy Mondays,
    What use ghost Sunday’s
    Of St. Totteringham’s day?

    Inflicted without mercy,
    Flayed bare by new ground,
    Unbeaten tormentors,
    Played corpse off old ground.

    Thus it is ended,
    Most short-lived of saints,
    Yet fourth plinth left empty,
    Arsenal beaten away.
    AA 03 05 17.

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