Chelsea are about to accomplish this unbelievable disciplinary feat despite having a player like Diego Costa

For all his footballing qualities which render him as one of the best strikers on the planet, Diego Costa’s career has sadly been a hotbed of controversies.

The Chelsea striker has over the years acquired a rather nasty reputation of fouling and riling up players. Add to that the striker’s temperamental nature has also not helped the cause of the 28 year old.

With such an infamous standing in football, it will perhaps come as a big surprise to all those associated with football concerning a latest Chelsea stat.

If the recently crowned Premier League Champions do manage to avoid any red cards in the last two games of the season, they will have gone the entire season without a single red card.

The last time this happened was 12 years ago in the 2004-05 season. The stats as impressive as it is gets even more impressive with the fact that a controversy magnet such as Costa has been a regular and pivotal figure in their team’s run up to the Premier League title.

Hats-off to Conte’s man-management of Costa.

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