Kyle Walker showed he’s all Tottenham after grabbing a piece of White Hart Lane turf during Man Utd win (Photo)

Tottenham’s last game at White Hart Lane was certainly a very emotional episode for everyone associated with the club; from the fans to the players as well as former players.

It was only then fitting that Spurs ended their last game with a victory against Manchester United to end their stay at the historic venue. Spurs right back Kyle Walker who was part of the matchday squad made sure to keep the iconic stadium close to him as he was spotted grabbing a piece of the White Hart Lane turf after the match against Manchester United.

The England international has become a pivotal member of the Tottenham team ever since his move to the London club in 2009. With both Manchester clubs linked strongly with Walker after a very impressive season, Walker’s post match actions does suggest that tempting him away from Spurs might prove a tad more difficult than previously thought so.

Via @Spurs_US, check out the defender’s actions below:

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