Shocking revelation as Instagram live streaming gaffe reveals Arsenal’s Spanish duo might be Wenger Out

Another day and another Wenger Out story, but this one might be huge if true.

Arsenal defender Nacho Monreal narrowly missed out on scoring a massive own goal during the Gunners’ 2-0 win over Sunderland, but even that episode would have been a pardonable gaffe compared to this one.

On Wednesday, Monreal was enjoying a basketball game with fellow Spaniard Santi Cazrola, which was captured on a live Instagram video wherein almost every comment by fans sought Arsene Wenger’s removal from the club.

When Monreal’s phone was returned back to the player, the person who shot the video informed Monreal that almost every comment wanted ‘Wenger Out.”

Probably unaware that video recording was still running, Monreal allegedly replied, “Well, that’s good news then.”

While it seems unlikely for any Arsenal player to make such statements in public, read the following tweets straight from the horse’s mouth and be a judge for yourself –

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